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Equipment Leased

Equipment Leased

The following are some of the many types of industries that have entrusted their machinery leasing and financing programs to Associated Leasing:

• Airlines
• Aluminum Fabricating
• Broadcasting and Communications
• Computer
• Construction
• Ecology and Solid Waste
• Electrical Equipment
• Health Care
• Hospitals and Clinics
• Machinery (Industrial and Commercial)
• Machine Tools
• Medical and Dental
• Motion Picture and File Processing
• Office
• Packaging
• Petroleum and Coal
• Plastics
• Printing
• Sanitation (Private and Municipal)
• Steel Products
• Textile
• Truck, Heavy Equipment, and Numerous Others

Standard Terms: 24 to 60 Months
Terms: 1 to 7 Years Available for Certain Equipment or to Fit Unique Situations
Why Lease?
• 100% Financing: Unlike loans, leasing usually requires no down payments and eliminates the need for compensating balances.
• Cover All Equipment Costs: There is no need to obtain financing elsewhere.
• Conserve Working Capital: Your cash is not tied up in equipment. It is free for income-producing investments.
• Preserve Bank Lines: Credit remains available for other requirements.
• Save on Taxes: You save initially because leasing costs come out before-tax dollars, not after-tax profits.
• Simplify Accounting and Depreciation Records: Leasing costs are tax-deductible.
• Avoid Rapid Obsolescence: The most modern equipment is always available, and updating is easy, so you can always be at your competitive best.
• Fight Inflation: Leasing costs remain the same, no matter how much prices rise. You pay for today's needs with tomorrow's dollars.
• Expand and Replace Equipment Sooner: Since no capital investment is involved, expansion and replacement of equipment can happen more quickly.